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Intl. Agency P H R E N I N G  -Coaching Needs Trust

Purposes of Services

"Together everyone achieve more"

MANAGEMENT BY PERCEPTION - a necessity for a project leder / manager. TO GAIN ACCEPTANCE - another one! With PHRENING´s services, you will have a victorious way with me together - or terrificly fail.
  • Freelance project leaders who are able to lead, coordinate, direct and control a project are necessary in all kinds of branches of industry. Projects are important and more flexible than in line organisations - to react faster on those ever changing market conditions.
  • This awareness becomes more and more strongly prevalent.
  • Phrening is not only able to lead a team but also to gain the knowledge necessary for the job to be done. And PSYCHOLOGICAL MANAGEMENT BY PERCEPTION - the other very important ingredient for a successful business.
In order to support clients in that (project) management, Phrening helps you to fast constellate a proper (project) team. In such a team you will see the freelance as well as internal employees of your company.

Therefore, PHRENING needs the acceptance of your co-workers. Because of PHRENING´s reputation, we will be successful in that.

PHRENING´s professionalism will guarantee you, that your projects / missions will be crowned with success.

In my services, I always follow the rules, he who does not want to play / support those projects / missions needs to be replaced. Not one project/mission can become successful, unless the partakers play with me.

With my professionalism in motivation and communication / deep consultation, I am able to interact with your teams and workers in those projects / missions.
You can be sure that your staff will be treated with great respect as well as authority.

After you´ve contacted me we will develop a strategy on the basis of your business structure together.

Please, feel free, to contact me already here.
That coaching will positively influence the team spirit within the levels of CEO´s, managers, employees and workers. A direct training with the staff in your producing halls can also be arranged.

Questions about staff motivation, different methods of efficiency, variations of communication within your company and questions about the personal career can be discussed.

The philosophy and mission of your company will be discussed and, should the need arise, changed.

Personality trainings are very important in the present economy structure. In the past they have been neglected. But in today´s fast growing time we return to the core of our existence and growth. The focus must become the person and not the thing, in building up a company. To motivate that person rightly, that is the strategy of PHRENING.
PHRENING´s previous trainings was for a big German electric company, several businesses in Lemberg, Ukraine, and enterprises in Tscherkassy, Ukraine, one alone with 1,500 employees and several hundreds of managers. Profit grew drastically by 50 % and motivation, too.

Therefore, services include:

arranging cooperations between international companies in different countries

adjustment of business connections between international businessmen and Germany and their preparation for individual meetings.

helping within cooperations to find financing opportunities, investors, and partners.

creating cooperations with the help of UN in which I am an expert in the GLOBAL OUTLOOK PROJECT, coordinated by Walerij Belichenko, Lviv, Ukraine

creating international services evaluating and addressing multicultural needs, training staff members to focus on exceeding customer needs through improved communication skills and corporate attitudes.
flexibility is a PLUS at International Agency PHRENING

studying and observing organizational cultures to evaluate obstacles and recommend actions to overcome challenges for performance improvement.


results-focused management training

developing training for large and small groups, partnering with departmental managers to identify and solve recurring challenges with team productivity and company performance

breaking down serious issues by addressing attitudes, collaboration, personality, communication, professional development, organizational structure, and implementing change.

organizational performance management coaching

complex problem solving

designing business training through the assessment of staff skills and company operations

  • serving as a trusted change agent
  • serving as a results-focused facilitator
  • creating proactive organizational strategies to coach and equip the team to achieve goals
  • directing company managers to improve internal communications, staff development, and customer relationships
  • analyzing, designing, and tailoring training to meet the needs of executive managers, new employees, and sales representatives, with a goal to continue using presentation and leadership development skills in a human resources leadership, executive coach, or competencies training leadership position
  • innovative and strategic business developing
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