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Intl. Agency P H R E N I N G  -Coaching Needs Trust

The purpose of PHRENING

"Together Everyone Achieve More"

PHRENING is a service for people who want to reach their full potential - either for themselves only, their family or their businesses / work places.

IDEAS about your own life, every person has. And it is good so!
But, do you also know, that everything you can think/dream of is also possible to do?

ACTING on your ideas, phantasies, dreams and ideal pictures in vague future will be discussed with you together.

The relationship is the basis for the later coaching of your staff or single person.

THE GOAL of PHRENING is to put your vision in corporate accounting into effect. In corporate accounting and politics, the word vision is used in the sense of a strategic goal or an idea.

You will soon realise that the initially abstract vision is no longer subjective but becomes more and more capable of development, and will be fixed in your understanding (brain, spirit) as "primarily future - oriented".

Your management authority will be personally convinced that your present situation in business can be significantly changed. It can be done because of your close connection to your own strategic focus and not loosing your sense of reality.

THE SUCCESS of PHRENING is to put a little mustard seed into your personal life or your business / enterprise.

But look at the result when that mustard seed grows. You cannot stop that tree in its growth. The mulberry tree is a tree with tremendous roots which drift deep into ground in order to anchor that tree.

Sometimes, it seems that our own problems and needs are so deeply rooted that we think they are deeply rooted and absolutely immovable. But when we believe in our visions as big as a mustard seed, then the deeply rooted problems will be pulled out. Nothing is impossible!

That mustard seed will be anchored in the structural, personal, political and symbolical frame of your life, your family and your business / enterprise / work place.

PHRENING is a service, not a business. I do it out of my own vision received in 1996:

Art by Dittmar Knollenborg, MAT

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