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Dittmar Knollenborg,


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Germany, +49 (0)5151 7563044



     PHRENING located in Hamelin, since 2011, and abroad:


business training, Kampala, Uganda, 2005

and Tscherkassy, Ukraine, 2005 until 2007

  • Collaborative performance development leader designing business training through the assessment of staff skills and company operations.
  • Serve as a trusted change agent and results-focused facilitator creating proactive organizational strategies to coach and equip the team to achieve goals.
  • Direct company managers to improve internal communications, staff development, and customer relationships.
  • Analyze, design, and tailor training to meet the needs of executive managers, new employees, and sales representatives, with a goal to continue using presentation and leadership development skills in a human resources leadership, executive coach, or competencies training leadership position.



Owner / Director
International Agency Phrening - The T.E.A.M., 1998 – Present

training of 49 churches in the rural
in Uganda, 2005
  • Create international services evaluating and addressing multicultural needs, training staff members to focus on exceeding customer needs through improved communications skills and corporate attitudes.
  • Study and observe organizational cultures to evaluate obstacles and recommend actions to overcome challenges for performance improvement.
  • Be put in challenging circumstances show flexibility and democracy that others feel comfortable to look for direction.
  • Develop training for large and small groups, partnering with departmental managers to identify and solve recurring challenges with team productivity and company performance.
  • Break down serious issues by addressing attitudes, collaboration, personality, communication, professional development, organizational structure, and implementing change.
  • Teach business leadership teams to develop a new vision, presenting strategy trainings for employees:
    • Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Germany, docent (courses for Management and schools) Adult Education Centers, Germany, docent (courses for Management, schools and business English)
    • Enterprise KRUG (window production), Tscherkassy, Ukraine (250 managers, 1250 employees)
    • Over 550 businesses in Uganda (training for top managers, also via Radio Kampala)
    • ELSAR, Inc., Vallejo, Silicon Valley, California (emergency lighting service & repair: 4 people)
    • Enterprise Convergys CMG, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK (project Nortel: established call center)
    • Businesses in Romania (training via Ploiesti Radio)

Officer / Head of Department
MFmStab 70, Intelligence Dept., Flensburg, Germany 1991 – 1998
COMNAVSOUTH, NATO, Isla Nisida, Italy, 1996
  • Train, Teach 34 soldiers on intelligence tasks, teaching them how to work with people of other cultures and diplomatically process information. Serving as the department manager, taught soldiers to perform duties on ships and airplanes, using computer equipment.
  • Maintain an updated department database. Recommend an increased governmental budget for IT and additional language bonuses so that soldiers were fairly compensated for their skills. Serve as a NATO interpreter using Russian and English language skills required for the Russian and English delegations in Germany.
  • Introduce successfully and implemented projects, including a new database “DB2” connected to new equipment needing to be produced for airborne Breguet Atlantique and three reconnaissance ships (OSTE, ALSTER, and OKER).
  • Offer suggestions to engineers to design communication equipment that produced relevant reports and fit within the airplane.
  • Reorganize department/special ops in offices, on new reconnaissance airplane and ship-34 soldiers.
  • Equip commanders with situational descriptions, reconnaissance cell, Nisida, Italy (IFOR) to increase the flow of information about European countries for the Navy Order of Battle. Manage deployment, logistics, and database, having trained commanders for the fleet admirals. Prepare the daily intelligence briefing at Surveillance Coordination Centre.

Petty Officer
MFmStab 70, Intelligence Dept., Flensburg, Germany, 1980 – 1991
reconnaissance ship
  • Deliver high quality translations in Russian and English for the government.
  • Organize and select teams for special operations and trained them on intelligence tasks, review pertinent information, deliver to the commander.
  • Prepare and facilitate IT, trainings, and software updates for the department.



BUPNET – Education and Project Network GmbH, Göttingen, Germany, 2010
Educational project “Strong for New Challenges”

ILS, Hamburg, Germany, 2005 - 2006, Correspondence Course: Multimedia Design

King’s Bible College, Duns, Scotland, 1999 – 2000, Church Leader Study Course

Theophostic Ministry, Dr. Ed Smith, Campbellsville, Kentucky, 1999
Theophostic Prayer Ministry Training, Deep Counseling Minister

Raytheon E-Systems, Greenville, Texas, 1996
Peace Peek Update 95 Operator Training, Head of Operations/Special Operations, airborne

Federal Language Agency (BSPA), Hürth, Germany, 1996
Language Course English, NATO Interpreter English

Federal Language Agency (BSPA), Hürth, Germany, 1994
Language Course Russian, NATO Interpreter Russian

German Armed Forces, Flensburg, Hamburg and Munich, Germany, 1989 - 1992
Study of Management at German Armed Forces Universities/Colleges
Head of Operations/Special Operations, Lieutenant Commander, German Navy

On Television:

IN HOUSE TRAINER since 1992 at the following companies:



married to Tetiana Knollenborg in 2006
son: Artem Knollenborg, born 16 December 2002
daughter: Eva-Sofija Knollenborg, born 16 September 2007
Dittmar & Tetiana Knollenborg, 2013
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